Bears at the Falcons

This game was broadcast on National TV, Sunday Night Football, for an explanation; it was relied upon to be a nearby hard faced conflict. It didn’t frustrate. This game began as a guarded fight with zero focuses scored in the main quarter. The Falcons couldn’t get anything moving upsettingly. The Bears took their first drive of the game down the field and looked ready for a score when Cutler tossed a capture attempt at the 12 yard line.

The Bears scored a score to begin the second quarter when Cutler tossed a 21 yard score pass to Johnny Knox, the youngster out of Abilene Christian. He has arisen as a strong profound ball danger for the Bears. He does not merit possessing as a dream player however. A few belongings later Cutler through one more pick at around midfield. This set the Falcons up for their first scoring drive. On the third play of the drive Matt Ryan associated with R. White for a 40 yard score pass. These two have been an extraordinary association this year. Matt Ryan is having anything besides a sophomore droop. Both of these folks are each week starters. The Falcons got the ball back with 5 minutes left in the half and drove down the field for another score. This one was a Ryan 10 yard pass to the slow time of year procurement, Tony Gonzalez. He has truly helped Ryan made his mark. Tony G is getting holder however Atlanta has truly appeared to give him some additional life. สล็อตออนไลน์ มือถือ He is an absolute necessity start tight end each week also. Ryan has truly helped his creation.

The Bears had an incredible possibility for a score close to the furthest limit of the second from last quarter however fizzled on account of consecutive bumbles by Matt Forte. Matt Forte has not a decent season up to this point. The vast majority will say it is because of the absence of hostile line and I would need to concur. He was a best 5 draft pick in many groups however in the event that proprietors have a superior alternative I would not look pass sidelining him. The Bears had the option to score on a drive that fell off of a Matt Ryan pick. Cutler tossed a 2 yard score to Greg Olsen, who hasn’t been satisfactory this year also. On the following drive the Michael Turner had a 5 yard score run, which would end up being the game victor. The Bears had a shot toward the finish of guideline to tie the game however Cutler couldn’t change over a fourth and 6 in the red zone.

This was a very much played game by the two groups with the exception of the dumb punishments that hurt the Bears on their last drive. The Falcons are unmistakably competitors. On the off chance that the Bears need to be considered for the end of the season games they need to straighten out deliver and get the running match-up rolling too.

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