Eight Man Football is a Fast Growing Sport

over the past 10 years, as football persisted to develop in popularity in any respect degrees, excessive school, university and pro, a new approach has been released. eight guy soccer has grown in popularity, in particular during this decade. Now, 18 states have reliable institutions for eight man excessive school teams.

that is in which the sport, and it is cousin, six man soccer, were given it is start. Smaller high faculties, with out the population of male athletes that larger schools have, couldn’t subject aggressive 11 guy squads. As I searched for the records of the 8 man game, it was difficult to discover some thing related to it is start. Six guy soccer turned into documented as having started out around 1934. but considering that both sports activities are generally organized and tracked state with the aid of country, i have not observed any details about the begin of the eight man version.

regulations and methods fluctuate from state to country, but for the maximum element, the game is just like the 11 man version. Scoring is largely the same, although a number of groups move for two point conversions as opposed to kicking more factors. that is in general because of the dearth of players who specialize in the kicking recreation.

Many leagues use a slightly exclusive soccer area. Many 8 guy associations use an discipline that is eighty yards lengthy and forty yards huge in comparison to 100 yards long and fifty three yards wide for regular 11 man games. some eight man associations use fields which are one hundred yards long however best 40 yards wide, and some associations use fashionable measurement soccer fields.

Formations do range but the most common offensive formation makes use of a middle, two guards, a decent give up, a quarterback, strolling backs, and a wide receiver.


So the elimination of tackles and one huge receiver is the most commonplace change.

on the defensive aspect of the ball, the maximum common alternate to formation includes the removal of shielding backs and one defensive lineman. a completely commonplace protective formation is a three-three-2 with a nose tackle, protecting ends, 3 linebackers, and protective backs.

In preferred, because of the smaller discipline and fewer gamers, the tempo of eight guy football is fast and ratings are excessive. it’s now not unusual to look ratings like 72-64 on a ordinary basis. a hundred point games are not unprecedented. Many nation associations utilize a mercy rule whilst a crew receives up with the aid of 45 or extra points as a end result.

I began analyzing about 8 and six man football because my sons each played for very small excessive college soccer teams. most of the time, due to a loss of depth, maximum gamers played both ways and on special teams. each my sons have been quite much on the soccer area for every play of the whole sport.

happily each my sons were able to play on exact teams. but a number of the groups we played honestly struggled to area a team, a whole lot less be very competitive. As I looked at the history of the 8 guy sport, it looks like a wonderful answer for small schools to allow youngsters to play the game of football with out struggling via 4 years of losing on a everyday basis.

the game appears to be a wonderful alternative to eleven man football and it’s popularity appears to show that many others assume so.

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