Fantasy Football Debate – Willis McGahee Or Ray Rice?

Entering the 2009 dream football season, there was a ton of publicity offered to Ray Rice. The flexible, speedy running back out of Rutgers was entering his subsequent season and following a solid completion to the 2008 NFL season, it appeared as though Rice was prepared to break out.

Beam Rice had an incredible preseason and wound up winning the title of beginning running back for the Baltimore Ravens. Dream masters everywhere on the web declared Rice as the sleeper pick for 2009, anticipating that Rice, who gets numerous passes as well, would have a Brian Westbrook/Steve Slaton type season in 2009. ธรรมชาติสุดล้ำ It was additionally reported that Rice would get the objective line conveys for the Ravens.

Through the initial fourteen days of the 2009 season, Rice has played some strong football for the Ravens. With 144 hurrying yards and 58 accepting yards, Rice has been a compelling power for the Ravens. The significant disadvantage is the way that he hasn’t yet scored a score. Not in 2009, and not in his NFL profession.

Willis McGahee, then again, as of now has four scores through the initial fourteen days of imagination football. In addition to the fact that he has the scores, yet he likewise has the yards. With 123 surge yards and 41 accepting yards, his aggregates aren’t excessively far behind those of Rice’s.

McGahee has clearly been the better dream football running back up until now, however one needs to contemplate whether his wellbeing can keep him this compelling the entire year. He assumes along these lines, however what occurs from here is impossible to say.

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