English Language Teachers: Why Teach English?

“For what reason do we need to contemplate English?” When your hesitant students pose this feared inquiry how would you react? How might you spur them to truly need to learn and utilize English? Here is a methodology I’ve utilized effectively.

Frequently when I give a scholastic show all-hands conference or English instructor instructional meeting, I ask the crowd, “The number of nations have Spanish as the main language?” Since I live and work in South America you’d figure the reaction would be quick and approaching. Generally it’s not. After the gathering has worked it out for a few minutes or somewhere in the vicinity I inquire, “Might you want to see the rundown?” They do, obviously so I project the 20 key Spanish-talking nations, which are:

o Spain

o Mexico

o Honduras

o Guatemala

o Nicaragua

o El Salvador

o Costa Rica

o Panama

o Colombia

o Ecuador

o Peru

o Bolivia

o Chile

o Argentina

o Uruguay

o Paraguay

o The Dominican Republic

o Puerto Rico

o Cuba

The Fun Begins

Then, at that point the fun truly starts. My next question is, “The number of nations have English as a first or official language?” To wind the screw somewhat more I add, “You’ll every single English educator, so you should know where the language is spoken, right?” They concur that they ought to and for the following couple of moments set about comprehending the English L1 list. Seriously wriggling, a couple of yelled out inquiries and I let the pressing factor off. “The number of do you have on your rundown?” Rarely does the number surpass ten or fifteen. Pause for a minute; what number of would you be able to list? 1 to 1 english tutor

Nations with English as the Official L1

“Might you want to see my rundown?” I inquire. You know what the reaction collectively is. “Do you believe that is something that may be valuable for an English instructor to know?” A resonating “Yes!” consistently follows.

In truth, there are no less than 35 English L1 nations!

Shocked? Most English instructors are. What’s more, my present rundown probably won’t be comprehensive at this point.

At any rate, here it is:

o United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize

o Barbados, Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands

o Guyana, British Virgin Islands, Australia

o Falkland Islands, England, Grenada

o St. Nevis/St. Kitts, Jamaica, India, Bermuda

o South Africa, Bahamas, New Zealand

o Cayman Islands, St. Vincent, Grenadines

o Samoa, St. Lucia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone

o Singapore, Liberia, Ghana, Ireland

o Hong Kong, Zimbabwe

Why not look at the authority country sites for these and different nations for some enlightening data on the effect of English on their individual societies? Numerous far off country sites incorporate news, neighborhood recent developments, sound, radio and web based video also. Need more data? Just “Google” the nation name to get a trainload or two of related sites.


So why? Simply that it’s useful to give functional perspectives to learning English. World travel and business are only two of the many motivations to be refered to for the reasonableness of English-language learning. The web, messages, visits and gatherings all add to a prevalence of English-language utilize on the web. A plenty of English educator asset sites and a developing framework of English language student sites help add to the handiness of the tongue.

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