Soccer Trophies – The FIFA World Cup Trophy

Soccer prizes are utilized as an award to soccer groups who have one explicit occasion in the game. Prizes are granted in novice or expert level. These prizes fill in as an emblematic portrayal of the accomplishment of a group in the game. Prizes are normally intended to imply a picture addressing the game and furthermore had an engraved name of the triumphant group which now and again bears the date of the occasion.

The FIFA World Cup prize is among the renowned honor in the entire world being given to heroes of the FIFA World Cup.

In 1946 the primary FIFA World Cup prize is known as the Jules Rimet Cup which was named after the author of World Cup The prize was planned by Abel Lafleur who is a French stone carver. The renowned prize was made of gold joined with rich stones. It includes the figure of the goddess of triumph that is holding an octagon formed cup. Uruguay was the main group to get the prize when they won the World Cup in 1930. Livescore

In 1970 the new prize was planned by Silvio Gazzaniga an Italian craftsman in which it was utilized during the FIFA World Cup in 1974. It was granted to West Germany. The prize bears the word FIFA World Cup engraved at the base. At the lower part of the prize is the name of the triumphant country. The base as of now comprises of nine heroes of the World Cup as of year 2006.

Soccer prizes stay a representative honor to justify and perceive the well deserved winning of a genuine boss of the game soccer.

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