Top Ten College Games of the Decade

I figured I would give my rundown of the best 10 school football match-ups of the decade. There are huge loads of games that could make the rundown, however assuming I needed to limit it down this is my main 10.

  1. LSU 28, Florida 24 (October 6, 2007)- Tensions were high between the two SEC groups, particularly later LSU understudies snagged Tebow’s Cell Phone number and were trick calling him. Florida leaped out to a 10-0 lead and kept a noteworthy lead (24-14) going into the final quarter. LSU then, at that point, scored a score with 10 minutes left. Subsequent to constraining Florida to dropkick, LSU then, at that point, drove down and scored the go on score with 1 moment remaining. The drive took more than 8 minutes, and was loaded up with a lot of fourth down circumstances.
  2. Cincinnati 45, Pittsburgh 44 (December 5, 2009)- Playing for the Big East title game at Heinz Field, Cincinnati finished a fantastic rebound to stay undefeated for the total normal season. Down 31-10 in the primary a large portion of, the pawed back gradually. Then, at that point, down 38-24 again they returned and tied it up. With 1:36 left in the Fourth Quarter, Pitt scored to take an important lead. The additional point was bungled. Cincinnati then, at that point, went down and scored the match dominating score on an incredible pass from QB Tony Pike. The additional point was great, and Cincinnati proceeded to win the Big East and remain undefeated.
  3. Arkansas 58, Ole Miss 56 (November 3, 2001)- How could this game not be in my best 10. This game was not a high scoring game…in customary time. The game finished 17-17. 7 additional minutes after the fact, the score was 58-56 with Ole Miss going for two. Ole Miss finished two yards shy of the objective line in their two point transformation, giving Arkansas the success.
  4. Texas Tech 39, Texas 33 (November 1, 2008)- For Texas, this was the game that obliterated their expectations for a shot at the BCS Title Game. It got going all Texas Tech as they were driving 22-6 at halftime. However, Texas’ score with 1:26 left game them a 33-32 lead. Texas Tech walked down the field to the 27 (which was not a specific field objective with their kicker-it was somebody who had dominated an in match challenge prior during the year). With 8 seconds left, Michael Crabtree got a Graham Harrell pass, twirled around a safeguard and scored the score.
  5. Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32 (September 1, 2007)- The Wolverines with Offensive Stars like Mike Hart, Chad Henne, Jake Long, and Mario Manningham were anticipated to win the Big 10 and seek the National Championship. Appalachian State, a school who can not play in a Bowl game, annihilated all BCS expects Michigan in the primary game. The game went this way and that. Later the principal quarter Michigan was winning 14-7. At halftime, it was 28-17 Appalachian State. Then, at that point, toward the finish of 3 quarters, it was 31-26 Appalachian. Michigan nonetheless, scored to take a 32-31 lead with 4:36. Appalachian State drove down the field in a 1:11 and scored a go on field objective to make it 34-32 with 26 seconds left. In any case, Henne tossed a 46 yard pass to Manningham to put Michigan at the Appalachian State’s 20 and in close field range. In any case, the field objective was obstructed and Appalachian State hung on for perhaps the greatest bombshell in school football history. แทงบอลถูกกฎหมาย
  6. Ohio State 42, Michigan 39 (November 18, 2006)- This is one of the works of art from this decade-Number 1 positioned Ohio State versus Number 2 positioned Michigan. These two opponents fought it out. Michigan was playing for their incredible mentor Bo Schembechler, who spent away a day prior to the game. Michigan opened the game up with a score, however at that point Ohio St cam age solid and scored 3 unanswered scores. The Buckeyes drove by upwards of 14, yet Michigan reacted for certain scores of their own. Later Ohio State took a 42-31 lead with 5 minutes left. Michigan shut the hole to 3 later a score and a fruitful 2 point change. Be that as it may, Ohio State recuperated the onside kick and ran out the clock to dominate the match.
  7. USC 34, Notre Dame 31 (October 11, 2005)- This would one say one was of those games where “IT’S OVER, WAIT IS IT? NO IT’S NOT, NOT IT’S NOT!! Notre Dame and USC combat to and fro in this epic game. USC started to lead the pack, however at that point the Fight Irish battled their direction back to the end zone, taking a 31-27 lead. Then, at that point, with two minutes left, it was USC’s move. Matt Leinart, on fourth and 9, tossed a 61 yard pass to Dwayne Jarrett down to the Notre Dame 13. Then, at that point, with 7 seconds left, Leinart mishandled at the ND 1 the ball carried outside the field of play. Authorities originally flagged that the game was finished, however as Charlie Weis had his hands up high, Pete Carroll was running down the field to argue his case. The game was not finished and USC got another opportunity. This time, Leinart ran it himself, and when it appeared as though he would have been full before the objective line, Reggie Bush drove him into the end zone. USC’s unbeaten dash of 23 games stayed flawless as they dominated the match 34-31.
  8. Ohio State 31, Miami 24 (January 3, 2003)- In this 2003 Fiesta Bowl, #1 Miami went head to head against #2 Ohio State. The two groups had players that are presently stars in the NFL today: OSU-Chris Gamble, Michael Jenkins, Will Allen and others. Miami-Andre Johnson, Roscoe Parrish, Willis McGahee, Kellen Winslow II, Jonathan Vilma, and a few others. The game was close all through, and going into the final quarter, Ohio State drove only 17-14. All through the whole quarter the game stayed 17-14, until Miami kicked a field objective as the clock terminated at 0 to send the game straight into extra time. In OT, Miami got the ball first and walked down for a score. Then, at that point, it was Ohio State’s move. On fourth down, OSU tossed an inadequate pass that arrived on the floor of the endzone. Game Over. Well for 3 seconds, and afterward toward the side of the end zone a banner was tossed Defensive Pass Interference was the call. This is quite possibly the most disputable punishments in sports history, beneath is the video of the play. Ohio State then, at that point, scored to tie the game up at 24-24 with a totally different arrangement of downs. In Double OT, OSU got the ball first and scored a score in quite a while. Miami, requiring a score to send it into triple OT, walked down to the one yard line. On fourth and Goal, ohi State blitzed, constraining Dorsey, the Miami QB to hurl a petition which was batted somewhere near Ohio State linebackers, finishing the game, and giving Ohio State its first public title beginning around 1968.
  9. Texas 46, USC 38 (Janurary 4, 2006)- This game that put Vince Young on the map. Force to be reckoned with USC drove by a cast of Offensive stars-Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith, Patrick Turner, Fred Davis, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and Lendale White versus the additionally undefeated Longhorns(this BCS title game occurred at the Rose Bowl). The game started with only one score in the primary quarter, and that came from USC’s first drive. At Halftime, Texas was winning 16-10. The last part is the thing that made this game so extraordinary. When the clock hit the 6:42 imprint in the final quarter, USC had out scored Texas 28-10, with a general lead of 38-26. With 6:42 left, Texas got the ball all alone 31. The drive took 2:30 and finished with a 17 yard Touch Down run by Vince Young. Texas then, at that point, kicked to USC who got one initially down, however at that point was halted on the following arrangement of downs and needed to dropkick. The score was currently 38-33 USC, however Texas had the ball. The Longhorns walked down the field and got as far as possible inside the USC 10. Yet, USC showed some red zone strength as they constrained Texas to a fourth and Five from the 8 yard line. With under 25 seconds, Vince Young, saw an opening on the right, took the ball himself, went around his line, raced to the corner, and dominated the rush to the objective line. Score TEXAS!! To make things somewhat more secure, Vince Young then, at that point, effectively hurried it again for the two point transformation. Vince Young, had scrambled for the time being 200 yards, and three scores to lead the Longhorns to being National Champions.

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